Qadir by the Bihyal

Session 1

While out in the rainy night searching for the cave holding the Eye of Fate, Trajan, Vitto and Severus were confronted by three dog handlers in the employ of House Adrianas. Severus quickly thought of confounding the handlers to let them pass unhindered. He began by stating that they had as much right to wander outside the city gates at night as the noblemen’s men. He proceeded to confuse them by telling them about how unfortunate it is that they were stuck outside in the rain, that their boots weren’t good enough for such endeavors, and that the dogs looked on the verge of sickness. Then he finished up by stating that their master would not be made happier by hearing that a priest was set upon, and that they should simply go their separate ways.

The lead houndsmaster was too confused to counter this logic and let them slip away. They finally found their way to the mountains and began searching for the cave entrance itself. There was a loud cracking sound and Vitto disappeared into a newly created pit in the mountain side. After striking a torch alight, the rest of the party descended into the darkness and began exploring the remnant of Underhill Hall. They found numerous trinkets, antiques and minor treasures while searching hallways and abandoned rooms that had not seen attention for hundreds if not thousands of years. Finally they found their way to the throne room and after searching the collapsed debris found first a crushed body, which caused a panic in most of them, and the ruby in the clenched hand of that self same corpse.

As they began making their way towards an exit, the torch dimmed and then flared a bright blue, revealing a restless spirit. The ghost called them thieves, and raised his hands high. The room began to shake, and debris began to fly at them. As a group they lost their composure and began to run at full tilt to the entrance. They found their way out of the Hall into a cave entrance, and collapsed on their hands and knees in the deepening mud. The moonlight gradually revealed the profile of 3 robed figures and as they spoke to the group, asking them if they had found anything, the three party members grew uneasy.

The robed figures wanted the jewel the group had found, and were willing to offer a coffer in exchange for it. The heroes offered them a brooch with a large red stone and the figures walked away, to be joined by several shambling figures and to be trailed by a giant spider leaping through the trees. The dumbfounded adventurers gathered themselves, opened the coffer to find it filled with irregularly sized rocks and steeled themselves for the return to Qadir through the growing downpour.


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