Dwarves who were born in the city are encouraged to start in the Clansman setting. The Guilder setting is also appropriate for the city elite, but the Dwarven Noble setting is inappropriate. For Dwarves from the mountain city the Guilder, Artificer and Dwarven Noble lifepaths are encouraged. There are some Clansmen as well, but the movers and shakers rarely start there in that society. City Dwarves are often in line with human grooming habits, wearing full beards but ensuring that they are trimmed, perhaps their mustaches waxed etc. Mountain Dwarves never trim their beards, in accordance with tradition.

Mountain Dwarves receive the Hardened Birthright character trait as an additional common trait.

Dwarves are encouraged not to start at less than 4 lifepaths, as their society frowns on young dwarves giving heed to wanderlust.

Hardened Birthright:
Mountain Dwarves consider themselves superior to their city-dwelling cousins, and this is visible in their appearance, bearing and interactions. They consider themselves traditional, and the sole carriers of the Dwarven Ancestral Way.


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