Great Houses

The Great Houses are nobles or merchants who have attained/retained incredible wealth and status within the city. They were depended upon by the former Prince to handle day to day affairs as the Council of the City. Upon his descent into ill health, the members of the Council took on more and more responsibility, until now it has become power. The Council of Houses, as it is now known, is a body of the 7 heads of the Great Houses, and exercises all military, and political power in Qadir.

Some of the Houses are detailed below:

Adrianas – seafarer family. Has its hands in many pies but has no controlling interests in any of them. They are fairly non-desrcript and seem to be the least of the Seven.

Orsini – seafarer family. Controls a large portion of the activity of the Apothecarists by patronage, and outright ownership.

Septimus – seafarer family. Political powerhouse.

Shah – native family. Controls a large portion of the wine trade as well as owns or patronizes families that own curiosity shops and general stores.

Great Houses

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