As Men of the region, the natives are tan skinned, with dark hair, used to conflict, and in-offensive. They have the following common traits: Aboriginal, Cool-Headed (a Die Trait lowering Hesitation from surprise, not pain, by 1), Humility, and Ready Survivor

These people have an arabic cultural bias, with appropriate given names. They often refer to themselves by their profession, so Hassan the Barber. The complicated naming convention of true arabic family names and relations is dropped, although someone who has an important lineage and a currently important status (Great Family scion) would still call himself Hassan son of Nadir son of Allam son of Hakim of Qadir. Natives with money visit their barber just like the seafarers. An unruly beard is a sign of being poor in the current society. Only hermits, beggars and laborers don’t get groomed as a matter of course, and often these men use knives to do what they can for themselves.

Aboriginal: Char trait
This man has tan skin, and dark hair that tends more towards straight than curly.

Humility: Char trait
This person is surprisingly humble in day to day interactions, causing as little offense as possible when not threatened, angered, etc.

Ready Survivor: C-O trait
This trait is a Call-On for Steel Tests as well as Forte tests to resist illness.


Qadir by the Bihyal siroh