It is encouraged that the seafarers, men who are descended from conquerors originating over the waves to the East, not start in the Seafaring setting. This is because the vast majority of them have been born here for generations. They are an olive skinned people with a tendency for curly hair of most shades. They have the following common traits: Dramatic (a Call-On for Acting and Theatrics), Privileged, and Swarthy.

These people are like the Phoenicians, but in terms of cultural biases are considered to be fairly Mediterranean. They have names like Stefan and Mina, Roman or modified Roman names are common as well. Occasionally an Arabic name comes up, usually as the result of intermarriage or honoring friends. They possess family names as well as given names, but the vast majority of these are profession based: Smith, Carpenter etc. If someone wants to look up what the term would be in Greek, Italian or any other Mediterranean culture instead of using English that’s fine. They also set the standard for the height of grooming, so being clean-shaven is considered youthful, and men younger than middle-age often go this route, or have a trimmed mustache. Men approaching middle age, or affecting wisdom and authority often have a trimmed beard. Only the poor don’t visit their barber regularly.

Note: Dramatic means that these folks tell amusing stories or boast about their deeds in the tavern at night, a lot. It is considered rude to interrupt a good story, but it is expected that someone will try to top it with a funnier or more impressive one after it is through.

Privileged: C-O trait
This is a call-on for Resources tests representing familial or neighborhood ties to influential or wealthy individuals.

Swarthy: Char trait
This person is olive-skinned and obviously not of the native stock.


Qadir by the Bihyal siroh